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This project begins with observing the digital device addiction phenomenon in the city. People are always using their smartphones and become obsessed with the digital media. The world behind the display screen seems to be more authentic than the physical world, everything is there – information, social life, entertainment… Our dependence and obsession with the digital space is a norm, it is not regarded as abnormal nor disordered.

This project is about the normalization of disordered acts in the society, using the common digital media dependence phenomenon as an analogy to investigate the visual representation of the concept.

都市⼈機不離手, 平幕背後是無盡的娛樂資訊社交圈子,况忽那才是真實世界。我們對數碼世界的沉迷和依賴比正常更正常,並不瘋狂。本計劃以電⼦世界作為比喻,探討在社會裡慌誕普及化和正常化的狀況,並以視覺元素表達概念。


By borrowing the popular gesture of the society, and manipulating it with exaggeration to create a dramatize outcome, I intend to unveil the disordered digitalized life and question the norm of the society.  Believing the society and humanity inter-transform each other, my work endeavors to investigate the social phenomenon and its relation to humanity, and to arouse discussion about the issue.


Installation View at Pao Galleries (2014)



2017 “The Realm Of The Senses”, Third Culture Film Festival, Hong Kong

2016 “Telephone Art 16″, Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland


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