Day 2: Familiarise with the place

The cottage

Before coming here, I thought the cabins are shared among artists.  Then they told us we each have our own cottage to live in for the 2 weeks of residency, what a nice surprise!


The farm

We were taken on a hike to see the farm, a 4 hour walk.  We saw the lava field, moss, sandy mountain and a lake!

In the cottage

I am curious to see how the view changed during the day, so I set the camera in the cottage and took a time lapse.


Northern lights

Before coming here, I saw a video of Aurora Borealis taken in the farm, and I went to classes to how to take photos of stars, nights and aurora.  At around midnight, I heard strange wind outside, almost like people screaming.  So I peeped out from the window, and lights were dancing.

Day 3: Cave Tour


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