Day 3: Cave Tour


In the morning, we were brought to the largest lava cave owned by the Fljótstunga.  It was a very unique experience, as we all have to climb down into a cave and lock the gate behind us, and to see different forms of lava, ice columns…

Sound of total darkness

We were told to switch off everything with lights, no phones, no cameras, no torches to experience total darkness – I couldn’t see my hands in front of my eyes.  Then we all sat there, and listen to the sound of water dripping inside the cave – zen and meditative.

Sound in Víðgelmir Cave…/20/sound-in-vidgelmir-cave/



Wanted to go on another hike, but it was not the best time to do it.  Looking at the misty view, I feel lost – standing on a mountain in Iceland, but one can say I am at anywhere.  This reflected a little about what I feel in Hong Kong – gloomy, cannot see the way.

Day 4: A day with stones


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