Day 5: Interviews

Day time

Spent the morning going through photos and materials collected in the past few days, played around with colours, forms, and shapes.



Began with the idea of making postcards, then developed into collaging, and an experiment with lines, shapes, texture.



Went on to talk to artists and people in the farm, and to get insights from different perspective for the project.

Nathan from Scotland
Nathan from Scotland

“Happiness is being comfortable with yourself and your surrounding, if you fill your life with happy people you will be happy too 🙂 ”

Merjin from The Netherlands
Merjin from The Netherlands

“Happiness is being able to live a fulfilling life in balance with the sad parts of life.”

Yoshihito from Japan
Yoshihito from Japan

“Happiness is something that I can share with other people, animals, nature and sometimes with artworks.”

Milly from UK
Milly from UK

“Happiness for me is more of a calmness than euphoria. I found happiness within myself by being true to myself and being kind to others. I am in control of my life and if something affects my calm happiness I change things to restore my calm balance.”

Lot from The Netherlands
Lot from The Netherlands

“? I didn’t know. Wish I was more like Melissa, she has good happiness terms.
Think I am happy when people I care about are happy.”

Day 6: Feeling the wind


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