#nature #happiness #research #water #dialogue #photography


Since more than hundred years ago, happiness and the quest of it aroused discourses among philosophers, theologists, politicians, while millions of books and lectures were distributed globally – but why do some of us still feel unhappy?  The project aims to investigate the contemporary definition of happiness, the pursuit of such in different parts of the world, and to discover the social phenomenon affecting happiness of individuals and its relation to humanity.

Day 1: Getting to Fljótstunga Farm

Day 2: Familiarise with the place

Day 3: Cave Tour

Day 4: A day with stones

Day 5: Interviews

Day 6: Feeling the wind

Day 7: Reflection

Day 8: Water and stars

Day 9: Color studies & Roni Horn

Day 10: Finding islands

Day 11: Site-specific studies

Day 12: Open House

Day 13: Workshops


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