Day 6: Feeling the wind


Planned to do a bit of organising today and stayed in the cottage, at around 10.30am, it started to rain and strong wind blowing outside, I can literally feel the cottage vibrating (equivalent to T10 in Hong Kong).  Clouds are moving, changing shapes constantly, so I took another time lapse out of this total distraction.



Did another round of interview, with two of the artists in here.   To my surprise everyone were so willing to speak their minds, and share the experiences and feelings.  Still thinking whether I should do my own interview as well, all the insights and ideas from the interesting people here are inspiring me to think, will need more time to digest and rethink.

Caity Fares from USA “Happiness , for me, is something that I find in fleeting moments. Rather then trying to hold onto it when it comes, I allow it to just be and find that it lasts longer that way. It is more about trying to practice acceptance and content with whatever life brings. Fighting against things that are out of our control can bring unhappiness.”
Hannah Luxton from United Kingdom “For me, I think happiness comes from finding an inner calmness. I think calmness comes from forgiveness and love.”



Day 7: Reflections


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