Day 7: Reflections


Woke up with a rainbow outside the window I know it’s going to be a wonderful day, the wind was mellow, and the sun is ready. Unbelievable how weather can change drastically within hours here in Iceland.  I did a short walk along the river, as I was hoping to find some inspirations from the water around here, maybe some ideas about doing something site-specific.

A wonderful view to start the day.

Always wanted to take photos of water flowing, I found water mysterious and lively.  The fresh clear water is drinkable, I was told the tap water in the farm is directly brought into the cottages without filter – a complete contrast to what we have in Hong Kong while everyone is worrying about having lead or whatever is in the water.

Without the strong wind I can do some long exposure photos with the big stopper, to capture the clouds reflected on the water, and they gave surreal images – combining real objects (rocks, mountains, grass…) and the elusive (fake clouds).  Spent a few hours there in the end to experiment with compositions, textures and of course had to wait for the clouds.

Making dinner

Each of the artists have to cook dinner at least once for the group, I brought some Shrimp egg noodles and curry sauce from Hong Kong to make something easy.  To be honest, it was my first time to make dinner for ten, and I seldom cook.  It was a great experience – the planning, the stress, the appreciation from others.  And after doing it, I came to realised how much effort each cook made, and appreciated a lot more of what others had been doing every night.

Aside from deciding on how much food was needed to prepare dinner for ten, it is also tough to consider what to shop for two weeks at the grocery before arriving Fljótstunga.  During the first week, I was very careful with the food, made sure I was not wasting or eating more than I should – which was good, because it helped a lot to practice not to waste food, and trained some self-control.


Day 8: Water and star


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