Day 10: Finding islands


Wandered along the other end of the river and found that the colours of the landscape changed quite a lot within days, more reds and yellows ochre with a tint of burnt umber.  Strolling in the crispy fresh air of autumn is one of the best moments in here.  Along the way, I kept asking myself why I was so interested in the happiness project, then I got distracted by the nice view and started taking photos.  At first, I was trying to take surrealistic photos combining stones and the reflections of the surroundings on the water surface; then scattered small rocks caught my attention, they looked like they were floating on the clouds – beautiful and melancholic.


Water experiment

Not exactly sure about what I was doing, but I wanted to do something with the water in here, I used the transparent small cups bought from the grocery store, filled them with tap water, and took photos.  The landscape was distorted when view through the water, it looked better with bare eyes.  The image inside the cup becomes abstract – a compressed landscape maybe?



Another night with stars, not as many as the day before, but it was still wonderful.



Day 11: Site-specific studies


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