Day 11: Site-specific studies

Today is the day I enjoyed the most – the weather was superb, not too windy, not too cold and great sun.  Instead of taking photos, I spent a bit of time at different spots and enjoyed the views, listen to the sound of water and wind, just to chill.

Little Bay

I revisited the ‘little bay’ I found yesterday along the river, really liked it there – it was a small area where the river splits and routed under the mountains before rejoining the flow.  Its very quiet there and less windy, I found peace and serenity, can see better water reflections there.  I thought of spending more time there, and wanted to try doing something site-specific as well.

The little bay

walking in the little bay



I planned to do something site-specific at Fljótstunga, thinking about that for days but still have no idea what to do, until I went to the little bay.  I feel that I could do something there, thought of making a drawing using wool, using my plastic cups to do something… finally I decided to make some sand dunes.


Wool and Moss

When stepped on the moss accidentally, it gave some kind of support to the feet, like walking on sponges.   Sometimes goats walk on the moss, I thought it would be interesting to leave ‘traces’ of processed wool for the goats.


The Evening

Lovely tree outside my cottage


Day 12



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