006: Concept development i


In July 2015, water was found to have contained excessive lead in housing estates in Hong Kong, is was said that the pipes being used in estates contaminated the tap water with poisonous lead.  The exact number of the affected households is yet to be confirmed.

Our body is about 72% water by weight, we cannot live without water. Our source of life is limited not only geographically, but politically and financially.  Long term exposure to lead, which when accumulated in large amounts in the body, may result in anaemia, increased blood pressure, brain and kidney damage.  The inevitable exposure to uncertain threats in daily life explains the anxiety and helplessness of the society.

background information:

Incident of Lead in Drinking Water  http://www.chp.gov.hk/en/content/40434.html

Standnews archive https://thestandnews.com/tag/鉛水事件/

Incident summary  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Hong_Kong_heavy_metal_in_drinking_water_incidents


concept (draft)

When we have no control of critical issues like the purity of the water we drink, how can we claim to have control of our lives?

By allowing the audience to ‘control’ the weather, which trigger a series of clips to be played in random order.




possible elements references:






007: References iii

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