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Our body is about 72% water by weight, we cannot live without water.  We intake something from the outside (of ourselves) and it becomes part of our body (inside).

During the residency in Iceland in 2015, I stayed in a farm for two weeks.  On arrival, the owner said we can drink from the tap – the water is not filtered, runs directly from the mountains.  While the lead-in-water incident in Hong Kong is still unsettled, on the other side of the world in March 2016, it was found that water in Michigan, America is also contaminated with lead.


A footage of molten lead being dripped into clear water was found on Youtube, recorded in 20,000fps, it appeared to be in smooth slow motion when played in 60fps.  The video is placed behind a container filled up to around 70% of water, and creates multi-layered visuals.

Drenched (2016) Installation view at Instinc Singapore

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