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Inspired by a lady friend who said she sleep talks from time to time, I researched about it and realised there is a clinical term for sleep talking – Somniloquy.  Stress can be a cause, and this also reminds me of ‘The interpretation of dreams’, there are so much to decipher in one’s dream – unconscious, fantasy, our ‘It’…

I hope this project can be about things people want to ‘say’ but they cannot/ might not say it when they are wide awake, they ‘talk’ about it when they are sleeping/ at ‘limbo’ state.

People sleep talk do not necessarily ‘speak’, they make sounds…



  • To create a set of fictional characters, who are facing certain distresses in life.
  • Inside their rooms, the characters reveal their emotions – pain, fear, stress…
  • The rooms are sites of lucid dreams, where the characters speak/ talk/ create sound.
  • The characters are not in their rooms, but traces of their presence are everywhere.
  • Audience can take a glimpse of what the characters are undergoing through an immersive experience.



  • Experiment with live cinema, sound and video projections to create immerse artwork.
  • Creative a work in an everyday space that gives an unusal experience.




The Rooms

Each of the characters will be developed into an individual work, to be presented in a room which is owned by another person.  The original setting and materials in the room will stay, this mixing of reality and fiction will create another layer to the work, making the installation a site-specific work.


The Sound

Sound is an important element in this project, it connects audience to the space and create an immersive environment. Audiovisual artist Merijn Bisschops is invited to design the audio for the project.

A series of sound (and/or music) will be created by Bisschops to as part of the work.  Throughout the creative process, Bisschops exchanges insights and ideas with me, while the interaction is part of the development to inspire and generate possibilities.

Initially, Bisschops suggested to choose one musical instrument to reflect the state of mind for each character.



001:  Rosemary






Somniloquy. (n.d.). Retrieved September 22, 2016, from




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