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Home is more than a place of residence, it is a space that gives a person the sense of home, which makes it more than a physical space.  Having encountered three interesting women, C, J and L, who lives in an apartment on her own in Hong Kong, I began an investigation about their relations with their homes by adopting an observational approach.

C, J and L are three middle-class working professionals, each of them at different stages of their lives.  They are quite different in terms of family background, education, social circle, life experience, attitude towards life, values etc; Their differences become an interesting factor to evaluate their homes and how they relate to the places they live in.

The ethnographic project investigate how these females transform their apartment into heavily decorated homes, that become ‘refined doubles’ or ‘idealistic doubles’ of themselves – with symbols of their ideals and aspirations projected into the space to create the desired version of themselves.

A moving photo-montage is created to visualise the doubles of three women as part of the project‭.‬



Her home is the idealistic double herself.

It becomes she.

She has a voice, but she doesn’t speak.

See them.

Sense them.

Know them.

She speaks for me‭ [‬three monologues‭] (‬2016‭)‬, Single channel video‭, ‬4’30″‬


(click to read: Home as her idealistic double)b-7-img_4380


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