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Rosemary’s Uterus (2017) 3D printed nylon


Roman Polanski’s classic horror Rosemary’s Baby in the 60s not only pioneered a new form thriller, but also reflected the social norm as well as the female’s role in the society and in a domestic situation at that time.  The protagonist, Rosemary, was conceived with the devil’s baby where her pregnancy became a nightmare.  She was manipulated by her neighbours and betrayed by her own husband.

The uterus is unique to the female body.  This pear-shaped organ in the belly is the site for embryo (or fetus) to grow during pregnancy, while the muscle stretched and walls are thickened to protect and provide support.  When a woman is pregnant, her uterus increases its weights from an average of 60 gram to 900 gram in around 40 weeks. (Wylie, 2006)

This project situates Rosemary in the contemporary, where she is freed from child-bearing and the terror she went through.  Her mutated uterus becomes part of the Cabinets of curiosities in 2017.

Rosemary’s Uterus with material rendering (front view)
Objects material rendering in photographic scene (simulation)



(click to read: Rosemary’s Uterus Ideation and Process)

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