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Photo by Kenny Mok


In a joint exhibition of action “Some Interference”, together with three artists, we transformed the act of creation into live performance in a black-box theatre.  Each of us performed with a specific medium – Francis Yu with painting, Lai Chun Ling with performance and videography, Kenny Mok with photography and myself with sound.  In the three-hour live performance, we explore the possibilities of time, space, interference and the form of performance.

Date:   July 29 2017 3-6pm

Venue: On & On Theatre Workshop, Hong Kong

Photo by Kenny Mok


My action involved three exercises I carried out during the performance, in each exercise, I attempted to focus on the experiences that sound create, and to explore the relation of my art practice with the passage of time, with space and with emotions.

Exercise 1 : From 20C to Unit 7 (7′)

Began with the sound of my previous work, I slowly stepped out of the extreme inner condition, glided along the past, then back to reality and arrived the present – with a paper-box.  I opened the box, took out the mini tram, and started to play with it.

Photo by Kenny Mok

Exercise 2 : Days of being the interviewer (45′)

I have interviewed with a lot of artists in the past few years, asked them about their views on art, their practices.  These questions always come back to me, when I am crossing the road, waiting for someone, preparing dinner…  I mixed the sound of daily encounters with the questions I asked during interviews, then respond to them in real-time.

Photo by Kenny Mok

Exercise 3 : Countdown to midnight (45′)

Members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board designed the Doomsday Clock in 1947, the Clock is adjusted in respond to things happened in the world, to symbolise how close they think humanity is to the end of civilisation (midnight).  I placed speakers with countdown announcement in different corners at the site – some on the stage, some in the audience seats, all out of sync.  Artists continue to create their works before midnight.

Photo by Kenny Mok


Coverage / Extended readings:

Review by Grace Tang, AUG 2 2017

Review by Eddie Cheung Wai Sum, AUG 7 2017

Facebook event, JUL 29 2017

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Promotion videos, JUL 2017





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