Reflection 001 – Dialogue: Moon-Light of Tseung Kwan O

2017/ 60”/ Single channel video/ Stereo

#materialist #indexicaltransparency #opticalunconscious #projectile #micronarratives


To direct viewers where to look, and simulate movement with images.

Reflection 1, written on Nov 7 2017

This work leads a mystic experience into a territory where the moon, lights and the others conversed.

A patch of abstract shapes slowly transformed into a reflective pool, perception is deceiving.  Together as voyeurs, we spy on the moon and the others from far away, in a noisy, low-light environment.

The hand-held camera recorded the swinging sights of the lens indexically, the reality of exchange is revealed in our senses by the slightest motion of the camera – someone said something, she replied ‘ah-uh’, the others cried out with a lengthy comment, while he responded with a strong look on his face, suddenly everyone stopped, he glanced at her, then she speaks again in a much lower pitch…  

The fragmented images and sound stitched together a conversation – is it a casual chat? A formal conference? A debate? Or a gossip?  

Reflection 2, written on Nov 30 2017

The work connects lights and round shapes.  

The work is someone’s experience, a voyeur’s one minute observation of the lights.  

There is an unintended experience of urban living in the work – a noisy, busy environment, a lot of lights are on at night, yet one feels alone.  In response to this, I added ‘in Tseung Kwan O’ to the name of the work.

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