Reflection 002 – Out of Xanax

2017/ 2’/ Single channel video/ Stereo

#intemedia #objectile #stillimage #movingimage #micronarratives


To create a journey viewers to swim in a stack of still images, by looking through a square frame where the frame moves to direct what can be seen.

Reflection 1, written on Nov 13 2017

This work evolves in a square frame that symbolize a window, to unfold an experience of navigating through at a series of closeups and image surfaces.

The images behind the frame are moved from left to right, top to bottom, magnified and diminished to create illusions of perspectives change.  Viewers are directed to swim in a preset directions – from outdoor to indoor, zoom into outdoor and back out to the indoor…  Throughout the work, the external and internal compete to be in the frame, but the struggle is worthless, the frame chooses to make viewers feel disoriented and diffuses the difference between interior and exterior.

Reflection 2, written on Nov 30 2017

The work also plays around with frames – square frame of the video, window frame of the image.  Frames draw borders, differentiates interior and exterior, self and others, but the work breaks down the limits by juxtaposing contradictory visuals (eg. waves and walls) and images of different sizes (eg. square frames and full frames).

A feeling of being stuck in a disorienting space is conveyed.

Reflection 3, written on Dec 3 2017

When looked at the work again, there is a sense of discomfort towards the end of the video, caused by the overlapping windows and rapid moving frames, obviously what is shown is not a ‘normal’ vision.  And the sound contributed to such feeling, right from the beginning the sound is an unnatural stingy noise that is not something heard in everyday life, it progress to become more rapid and aggressive.  The work produced a mixed sensation of someone under some kind of influence – perhaps a psychological impulse? or alcohol? maybe medication?

The name is changed from ‘Dialogue: Light-Waves’ to ‘Out of Xanax’.



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