Reflection 003 – Lullaby for the Insomniacs

2017/ 3’/ Single channel video/ Stereo

#materialist #indexicaltransparency #opticalunconscious #objectile #micronarratives


To make use of two other video works (Dialogue: Moon-light in Tseung Kwan O and Out of Xanax) as raw material to create a nocturnal excursion through indoor, outdoor and the psychological.  

Reflection 1, written on Nov 17 2017

The work transports viewers to and from different spaces – for a second we observe the lights and moon through a window, the next moment we drift to the outdoor, and drown in the past, then back inside…  Extending from the dialogue between the lights and the moon, the lights and moon from another time-space are added to the conversation.

Similar to Out of Xanax, the work also takes a left to right, inward-outward movement.

Reflection 2, written on Nov 30 2017

Again, this work translate an unintended experience of urban living, together with a sense of being stuck – there are a lot of movement, but it is difficult to tell whether we are progressing or reversing.

In response to this, I changed the name of the work from ‘Conversations: Midnight’ to ‘Lullaby for the Insomniacs’.


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