Reflection 004 – Spatialization

White Night 不夜天

2017/ Video installation/ Dimension variable

#installation #movingimage #video #spatialization #expandedcinema


The work is set out to invent a space that provides an immersive experience where objects and moving images communicate the current sentiment of Hong Kong, while the viewers are bystanders to observe.

Reflection 1, written on Nov 30 2017

The development is almost like to create a painting in space – which involves a continuous process of compositing, rearranging and sculpting the moving images, objects in the space.  The space belongs to someone, viewers can look at her/his tv and window, walk around, but probably won’t take her/his seat.

With the frames and windows in Out of Xanax, the concept of a room-like setup surfaced immediately, and chair, white wall, curtains, TV-set, canvas came into the picture with the idea.   

There is a contradiction among the objects and videos in the space – it feels like an indoor space, but light projections and images of the traffic suggest it is not.  

The installation is also about conversation of the forms, colors, shapes and motifs – the blue, black and white drapes sync with one another, the blue paper, the waves projected by the lamp echoes with the sea visual in the tv, the curtains sings with the window, the rectangular frames and canvas contrast with the organic waves, the clouds from the window sympathized with the clouds trapped in the iPad…

Reflection 2, written on Dec 2 2017

The day-time images in Floating Island (2’31”) and Floating Box (2′) contrast with the night-time images in the main projection, while shown in the TV set on the floor, they provide a contemplative moment, a quiet contrast to the main projection.  

On the Road (1’34”) is a city that won’t sleep at night, projected onto a white drape.  The distorted image juxtapose with the blue waves light projection to add another layer of space to the setup.

The installation creates a dark ambience, it could be a midnight.  It seems so quiet, but a lot is happening, evolving, like in the night where no one sleeps.  Or is it the daytime that feels like the night?  

The name is changed from ‘Conversations: On the Island’ to ‘White Night 不夜天’.


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