Reflection 006 – Intermedia

Still & Moving Images

The possibilities of still image in a video is explored during the creation of Out of Xanax.

Only part of the still image is shown one at a time through the square frame of the video, this result in a moving sequence that leads a trajectory in the viewing experience.

Floating island in the installation is composed of a single take still shot, the movement of elements in the frame is minimal, it looks like a painting, only stare long enough we can find out it is actually moving.

And the moving cloud on the iPad of the installation is created with a very short footage stretched to appear with a jerky motion.

Spatial Painting & Expanded Cinema

The installation is created with the idea of painting in space in mind, while the process is also like to make a collage/ assemblage.  Unlike a two-dimensional painting, the installation was constructed with multiple point of views, when audience move around in the space, the perspective is changed, sometimes it is more like a still life painting, sometimes abstract…

I attempted to apply things I would consider when creating a painting onto the space – the balance/imbalance, tonality and colour distribution, interaction between videos and objects…



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