Reflection 009 – Projectile

Each of the videos are developed with intention to unfold a perceptual experiences in specific trajectories

Dialogue: Moon-Light of Tseung Kwan O (1′)

A conversation begins with the moon and its reflection in the pool, then expands to become a discussion among different lights (of buildings and other reflections), and ends with the moon.

Out of Xanax (2′)

A swim in a stack of images, from left to right from outside to inside and back to the outside.

Lullaby for the Insomniacs (3′)

To fly from indoor to the outside through the window, a journey of passing swiftly among the lights, the present, the past, then suddenly arrives in an (un)familiar space, and back to the indoor where it all begins.

Floating Island (2’31”)

A tiny bird’s attempt to talk to the tree, a continuous humming.

Floating Box (2′)

A bicycle at the roundabout, moving in one direction slowly, aimlessly.




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