Reflection 011 – Videography

To create a moving image work is a process of attentive capturing and continuous discovery.  It is not only about recording something with a camera, but to know its indexical and documentary quality, its ability to bring raw information without our usual translation.  The images require our mindful and active perception to unveil the unintended and the unconscious beyond the visual.   This process of familiarisation and defamiliarization is repeated until the art reveals itself.

I’d like to think of video as a piece of fabric.

There are many different properties to describe/ identify a piece of fabric – its raw material, the colour, the size, the weight… just to name a few.  How it is made is crucial – it determines the form, shape, and style, how it feels on the skin, how it is to be used, how it presents itself as a piece of fabric.  The micro-narratives of fabric.




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