Reflection 010 – Audience activation

The videos are made to inscribe the viewers for active participation in several different approaches.

Dialogue: Moon-Light of Tseung Kwan O (1′)

A directed eye movement is involved in the video, there is always a part being very active within the frame and the the active area is jumping from one side of the frame to another edge, to force the rapid eye movement of the viewers.

Out of Xanax (2′)

The frames (of the video and the window image) bring the viewers to an unfamiliar dimension, where the viewers need to complete the work and think about what and why the frames appear in such a way.

Lullaby for the Insomniacs (3′)

The work combines a directed eye movement and use of different frames, and the dynamic change in tempo engage the viewers, holding viewers attentive to the transitions and the trajectory.

Floating Island (2’31”)

The viewers have to be actively looking at the video to find out it is actually a moving image.

Floating Box (2′)

The viewers are invited to drift with the box, follow its journey.


The installation is created also with an attention to activate the viewers.

White Night

The materials (moving images and objects) are arranged to form a circular space – with a chair in the middle, things to ‘see’ all lie on the invisible circumference.  The viewers can walk in the setup to experience the work, they can also stand at a corner to perceive as a bystander.




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