The project is an attempt to apply the agents mentioned in research paper on strategies in arts to create new attentional forms.  A previous work, Tomorrow in a Glass, is selected and reworked to include agents including concrete & defamiliarization, chance & indeterminacy and breaking the fourth wall.

The original version of the work is a live video system to generate random videos based on the weather forecast readings from a storm glass.

For the new version, 28 participants are invited to subscribe to receive updates about the project.  The storm glass is placed in a new location suggested by one participant every day, the system generates a new video based on the reading on site, and the result is sent to all participants via email.

The materials generated from the readings is used to create a 4-part new work, each part is finished by the end of every week.  The editing is done everyday, and progress is emailed to subscribers together with the forecast video.



Coverages / Extended readings

Research paper: Unique agents in art to activate new attentional forms since 20th century as media archaeology

Earlier versions: Tomorrow in a Glass

Earlier versions: Weather Forecast

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