With a background in painting, she explores and unveils the manifolds of daily encounters and inner conditions. Her practice involves investigating art and its relation to sensation, documentation and experience. Her interest in the experiential quality of works leads her to engage in experiments with videography, sound and installations.

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︎︎︎ Inspired by a heartbreaking incident that felt almost like a breakup, the artist attempted to sense the expectation gaps among people, and to find out more about hope and reality in music and lyrics.

In a space that was once a home to someone, the artist projects fragments of her memories, everyday experiences and delusions in the videos, installations and sound works, to present a mental state that is out of sync with the world.
Artwork Captions ︎︎︎
Perhaps you prefer to sleep《或許你只想安睡》
2022 Two channel video installation
Computer, digital frame, speaker, chair | Stereo | 4:08 | Looped

2022 Three channel digital video
Silent | 1:48 | Looped

Aren’t we in this together?《不是一起去嗎?》
2022 Five channel digital video
Silent | 10:00 | Looped

Promises, through the glass《隔着玻璃的諾言》
2022 Two channel sound installation
Motion sensor, plastic telephone  

Agave beside the window《窗邊的龍舌蘭》
2022 Single channel sound installation
Curtain, chair, printout | 3:02 | Looped

Audio performed by Angel Ng

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