With a background in painting, she explores and unveils the manifolds of daily encounters and inner conditions. Her practice involves investigating art and its relation to sensation, documentation and experience. Her interest in the experiential quality of works leads her to engage in experiments with videography, sound and installations.

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︎︎︎ I always find it strange to say our goodbyes online. We awkwardly wave our hands in front of the monitors, hold still, and stay for a bit longer to make sure we are not the first one to leave. And after that, we are connected again. Do we ever stop? What does it mean to say ‘goodbye’ when all we do is ‘see you around’?

︎︎︎ The physical work So long. Let the screensaver run installed in Gillman Barracks, Singapore is divided into two sessions in the exhibition space. Part I resembles my living room in Hong Kong, while Part II features a reading performance in a video conference setting, with my interpretation of contributed sound clips from people saying “goodbyes” in different context.

︎︎︎ The VR session Farewell. Before the lights go out is a virtual space composed of audio recordings created in collaboration with people I know, I feel connected to their stories and sharing. The audio collection continues to grow throughout the exhibition period, where audiences can share their stories to develop new recordings.

Artwork Captions ︎︎︎
Is it the time?
(So long. Let the screensaver run.)
2020 Video installation
Projection, curtain, LED lightbox, speakers | Dimension variable

Is it the time?
(Farewell. Before the lights go out)
2020 VR 
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