With a background in painting, she explores and unveils the manifolds of daily encounters and inner conditions. Her practice involves investigating art and its relation to sensation, documentation and experience. Her interest in the experiential quality of works leads her to engage in experiments with videography, sound and installations.

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︎︎︎VR Documentation
When concussion happens,
what can we do besides to be caught up in the rupture of reality?

︎ The Ashes of Tomorrow (2020) includes a body of photographic works related to the experiences of imagined conditions after a concussion, where the usual daily situations are disrupted.  I intend to express the incomprehensible connections among the layered realities of living related to our feelings and imaginations.

︎ The works are attempts to stretch the possibility of images by exploring the materiality of the medium and intermedia possibilities.  The works are developed through experimental exercises to investigate the relationship of movement and time in images, light and space.

Artwork Captions ︎︎︎
Butterflies on the wheel《碎蝶》
Photo installation | Dimension variable

Floating bed 《浮床》
Video sculpture | Digital monitor with video, tripod, electric head | Silent | Loop
Video installation | Dimension variable | Silent | Loop

Starry Night《星空》Wooden light box with PVC sticker on plastic, a set of 15 | 16cm x 9cm x 5.5cm each

Photos by Kwan Sheung Chi. Courtesy of Hong Kong International Photo Festival
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