With a background in painting, she explores and unveils the manifolds of daily encounters and inner conditions. Her practice involves investigating art and its relation to sensation, documentation and experience. Her interest in the experiential quality of works leads her to engage in experiments with videography, sound and installations.

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Installation Sound, smoke, Wooden chair, Standing lamp | 8:52 | Loop
#soundscape #happening


the song that was sung


Some say one could hear singings in here

Once upon a time.

︎︎︎ The Song that was Sung (2019) is an experiential journey created by juxtaposing objects, sound and happening in space.

︎︎︎ Take a seat, put on the headphones. When you begin to ask questions like ‘what is going on?’, ‘how do I get here?’, ‘why is this happening?’, sink in.

︎︎︎ You are safe.
Let the sound take you to where you need to be.
Maybe it’s time to look into the past.
Maybe it’s time to feel your wounds.
Maybe it’s time to remember the birds.

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